Early Literacy, Cognitive Development and Social Skills Coaching 

As an Early Literacy Educator, certified cognitive specialist, Social Skills Coach, Children's Book Author, and School Psychologist based in California, I created Golden Daffodils from a calling in my heart to empower children with the knowledge and support they need to live a magical life of joy, enthusiasm, and resilience. I love to teach and learn, and my philosophy is "Teach Them Early."


Interests and Expertise

I have worked with children ages 2-10 in various educational settings, including virtual learning, for the past fourteen years. I understand that children often have executive functioning challenges, including organization, understanding the importance of homework completion, prioritizing, overall task completion, reading comprehension, and written expression. I have developed multiple programs, each focusing on promoting children's communication, cognitive, and early literacy. The skills they learn from these programs will help them improve their overall confidence, mental health, and quality of life.