Early Literacy, Cognitive Development and Social Skills Coaching

What is Golden Daffodils?

Golden Daffodils is an online developmental preschool that will focus on developing early literacy, improving cognitive and social skills through coaching for children ages 4 to 8.

We aim to unlock the potential of students in their early childhood. Our coaching strategies include learning styles, motivational techniques, an interacting curriculum, positive reinforcement, predictability, short working periods, and plenty of structure to help your child navigate the school experience.

Our early literacy programs enable parents to transform their daily interactions with young children to build the best possible lifelong social, language, and literacy skills.

Why Golden Daffodils?


Actual Educator + Real Life Preschool Friends!

Our online preschool program is taught by an actual early childhood educator with real-life preschool friends! It's the next best thing to a local preschool!

You'll absolutely love our HANDS-ON CURRICULUM!

Think online preschool equals "educational" video games? Not here my friend! We loathe (with a passion) those mind-numbing and ADHD-behavior-inducing "educational" video games.

At our preschool, we use the FUNDAMENTALS Preschool Curriculum, an activity-based curriculum with developmentally appropriate activities that will prepare your child for kindergarten in as little as 1 hour each day!

Our tuition rates are affordable!

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EaEach group class is 50 minutes long in live virtual interaction, with a live teacher. Due to high demand, our classes fill up ridiculously fast. So register today to secure a spot for 2022-2023 school year!!!